House arrest for the suspect who slapped a child

Footage of a man slapping a little boy was sparked outrage on social media while the Turkish court has ordered house arrest sentence for the suspect living in Mersin.

Footage of a Turkish man named N.K. slapping a 5-year-old Syrian national and Jordanian citizen named A.K., in the Mediterranean neighborhood of the Mezitli, district of Mersin, has sparked outrage after posted on social media.

Mersin Public Prosecutor's Office said in a written statement that NK, who was detained by police and sent to the courthouse, was given a sentence of house arrest by the magistrate.

The house arrest decision issued by Mersin Magistrates against the suspected NK has been objected by the Public Prosecutor's Office, the statement read.

The child and his family would be given psychological support by the Provincial Directorate of Family, Labor and Social Services. (ILKHA)

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