Turkey accepts ceasefire agreement in Syria

Turkey has accepted an agreement on a ceasefire in northern Syria to allow YPG/PKK members to withdraw within 120 hours.

According to the deal reached after US Vice President Mike Pence came to Ankara, YPG/PKK members will withdraw from an area 32 kilometers deep in northern Syria.

“With this agreement, Turkey has taken an important step towards achieving the primary goals of the operation rapidly, namely clearing our border from terrorists and establishing a safe zone, thanks to the strong leadership of our President and the success of the Turkish Armed Forces on the ground,” Communications Director Fahrettin Altun posted  on Twitter.

Turkey launched “Operation Peace Spring” on Oct. 9 to remove YPG/PKK members from northern Syria in order to establish a safe zone for Syrians return in the area east of the Euphrates River. (ILKHA)

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