HUDA PAR Executive Vice President Yapıcıoğlu votes in local election

Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu, Executive Vice President of HUDA PAR, cast his vote in local elections in Diyarbakır and wished the election to be instrumental for good deeds.

HUDA PAR Executive Vice President Zekeriya Yapıcıoğlu voted at Ahmed-i Hani Anatolian High School in Central Kayapinar District of Diyarbakır at 11.30.

Accompanied by a party delegation, Yapıcıoğlu cast his vote at Ahmed-i Hani Anatolian High school at 2176 numbered ballot box.

“We did our duty, we voted. I wish the results to be beneficialness,” Yapıcıoğlu said.

“I wish there wouldn't be any sad events from now on. I hope that the results of the elections will be beneficial to our nation, our country, and the Muslim Ummah,” he added.

Stating that it is a race, not a life-or-death war, Yapıcıoğlu underlined that only one mayor can be elected in every city. “The chosen one will be the mayor of the city. I hope a peaceful race and the results to be beneficial.” (ILKHA)

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