HUDA PAR President Sağlam casts his vote in local elections

HUDA PAR President İshak Sağlam, who cast his ballot in Diyarbakır, a southeastern province of Turkiye, for the local elections, wished the election to be instrumental of good deeds.

HUDA PAR President İshak Sağlam voted at Ahmed-i Hani Anatolian High School at 11.30 pm in center Kayapınar district of Diyarbakır.

Coming to Ahmed-i Hani Anatolian High School and greeting polls officials here, Sağlam with the accompanying party delegation used his vote at 2166 numbered ballot box.

He wished the election results to be beneficial for the country and nation. Sağlam also wished for a peaceful election that none incident to have occurred.

“We wish that the elections be instrumental for good deeds to our country, nation, and region. I wish that the results of the elections bring peace and welfare to our country, our nation, and our region,” Sağlam said in his statement to press after casting his vote.

I wish success for all the parties that took part in the election,” Sağlam said, further added that he asks for citizens to go to polls and cast their ballots to contribute to the management of their own cities.

56,911,967 voters go to poll to vote for local elections in Turkiye on Sunday, March 31, 2019. 8,270 candidates race for 30 metropolitans, 81 provinces, 922 districts, and 386 towns. The number of voters was announced to be 1,480,908 in Diyarbakır. (ILKHA)

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