900 million voters go to polls in India

900 million voters will vote and the elections will last for 40 days in India.

The first phase of India's multi-stage general elections began on Thursday morning when millions of people voted in the 91 constituencies in 20 states.

Around 900 million voters will vote in the world's longest parliamentary elections, which will be completed in 7 stages and will continue until 19 May.

In the first phase, 142 million voters will make their choice. After 39 days of voting, the vote count will be held on May 23.

Modi government, which was criticized by the opposition because of bad economic management and unemployment and accused of corruption, highlighted the tension in the Kashmir Control Line, which brought India and Pakistan to the brink of war two months ago.

Modi, which has made national security a key point of the election campaign, aims to keep Hindu nationalists together through anti-Pakistan speeches. (ILKHA)

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