Abu Diyak hopes to spend his last day with his mother

Cancer-stricken patient Sami Abu Diyak has expressed hope to spend his last days of life alongside his mother and away from the darkness of zionists' jails.

This came in a message conveyed by lawyer Ibtisam Anati, who works for Hurryyat Center, who visited the Ramla jail infirmary two days ago and met with several sick prisoners.

"I want to be in my last days and hours next to my mother and beloved family, and I want to die on my mother’s lap. I do not want to leave this life while my hands and legs shackled," prisoner Abu Diyak was quoted as saying.


Lawyer Anati said that Abu Diyak would undergo another round of chemotherapy within two weeks, pointing out that his weight dropped from 80 to 48 kilograms and that he suffers from severe anemia and other serious health complications. (ILKHA)

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